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For Ukrainians

Find other Ukrainians in your location

Share mini-information with others in the building who are in a similar situation as you and your family. Use your native language. Become active and organize the situation as best you can in close exchange with the other Ukrainian families on-site.

Find special offers from local stores, cafes, or restaurants nearby

Many local businesses in your walking distance feel solidarity and offer special prices. Check the Winkt app to see where they are, and talk to the person in the shop or restaurant about their offer in the Winkt app.

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Find help from volunteers and managers of the accommodation

Be the first to hear the news when the organizers know more. Get reminded when there are new meetings, offers, translation help, or donations on site

Winkt International

Who is behind the initiative?

The startup Winkt launched this initiative.

Winkt is a location-based, real-time social interaction platform. On the Winkt app, anyone can share information with people nearby and create instant communities.

We are a mixed team of Germans and Ukrainians. We feel great consternation from the events of the last weeks. Our app was originally designed for a different use case but serves as a powerful tool when it comes to communication between refugees, volunteers, organizations, local businesses, and neighborhoods in solidarity. 

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Available in English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, and many more languages.
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What is special about the app?


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Thanks for being with us and making all this work

 Jasmin Oestreich, Konstantin Semenenko, Paulina Hagelstein, Jutta Jakobi, Ekaterina Onisenko, Dmytro Tymakhov, Eva Balmaks

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