If we stand together and help each other, we can change the world for the better

We are all different. Hence, we all have different options to make the world a little better. 

The idea of this initiative is that many small and large actors come together to create an environment of encouragement and integration for all involved. 

Below we have gathered inspirations on how to contribute in various ways.

Maybe one way feels good for you.

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Ukrainians & Refugees

  • Introduce the initiative to your peers and help those with onboarding who are overwhelmed with such a digital solution

  • Ask the management of your accommodation to fuel community building by promoting the app at the arrival moment

  • Be active and share information even if they seem minor. You will encourage others

  • Create Winkt Circles that fit your situation, e.g. "Ukrainian women only" or "Ukrainian families with little kids"

  • Say thanks and compliments


Volunteers and Managers of Accommodation

  • Promote the initiative to all refugees at the arrival moment

  • Create Winkt Circles that fit your situation, e.g. "Volunteers & staff" or "Hostel Infos in Russian language" and provide special information in the Circle profile section

  • Advertise the initiative with posters and flyers

  • Send information about rules, offers, questions, surveys



  • Tell your house community about the initiative

  • Mark places that are likely to be of interest to the refugees as Circle, e.g. "Public family center" or "Pharmacy with Russian speaking staff"

  • Give donations or lend a hand in the very moment when the team of volunteers can no longer do it alone

  • Invite local businesses, cafés, and restaurants to join the initiative


Local Businesses

  • Create a Circle for your business and add hearts in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

  • Print out the flyer about the initiative (that you find in the previous section) and show it to your clients and guests

  • Post Winks with special offers to refugees and volunteers in the appropriate Circles

  • Don´t through goods or food into the garbage. Post a Wink that somebody should come and pick it up for the refugees


Bigger Initiatives / NGOs that offer help to refugees / Influencers

  • Promote the initiative

  • Let us know how else we can provide help to the situation