For Local Businesses

Show solidarity and give a sign of welcome 


Create a Winkt circle for your business, your shop, or your restaurant, which may include the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Refugees will see this sign on the map and overcome their shyness to buy something at your place. You also express gratitude and respect to the volunteers and managers of the accommodation.

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Daria, Manager of a co-working and wellbeing space which is across the street from a&o hostel in Berlin

Give a discount to volunteers or refugees


Show your business or cafe with a Winkt Circle in the app and post in the Circles of volunteers or refugees if you want to give them a special offer. 


Show the neighborhood that refugees are there


Often, people in the neighborhood and surrounding area don't even know that refugees are housed nearby. Display a sign or poster about this in your store or café, or let your customers and guests take a look at the app. In this way, you invite them to inform themselves or get involved. 


Offer goods or food to refugees that would normally be thrown away


Leftovers often end up in the trash when the store closes. However, the refugees who are within walking distance of your store and restaurant would be grateful for this donation. You can send a wink posting asking that someone should come by and pick up the items quickly.

TrueSharing Café at Adalbertstraße

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