For Volunteers & Managers of Accomodations

Share information quickly and easily with those who are currently in the building.


Create a Circle in the Winkt app where all Ukrainians can become members. Now you can send reminders, notices, messages directly to everyone. Or you can create a circle for the organization team, where both volunteers and hostel staff are members. Maybe even people who live in the immediate neighborhood and are willing to get involved when there is an acute need will join.

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Reach exactly those who are currently in the building 


Refugees often have to change housing at the beginning of their stay in Germany because capacities are constantly adjusted across regions. In addition, refugees are sometimes checked in with different status and therefore on different lists, which is why there is sometimes confusion about who is actually in the building at any given time. With Winkt, you only reach those who are actually there.


Help to establish a communication format that works equally across all refugee accommodations


It would be wonderful if refugees could use the same app to connect directly with existing groups on-site over and over again through multiple stages of their journey to a permanent residence. Help with your feedback and ideas to constantly improve the Winkt communication design and co-create a solution that will prepare us for any kind of future refugee crisis

Anastasia and Margarita from Odessa/Ukraine

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